Star Trek Books

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Jul 152019

go to and advance search ;rsto9921 user name, this is my eBay page.

New House

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Nov 222018

Just moved into a new house, will up date the posts soon.

Blog Update

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Jun 112018

Sorry! i have not been posting i been working vary hard this year, i updated my website. I also updated the server, we are now running server 2010.

Create a notebook

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Aug 312016
Create you own little notebook and pads, this is a easy to understand kit; with the Kit includes, cardboard inserts, Instructional DVD, note pad, pub_50_CD.iso image (Microsoft Publisher 98) and temps located on DVD. Click Here for more information.


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Jul 032016

Venders suck! when you want to tell them about a error in there program you can’t e-mail them!!

Windows 10

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Jan 302016

Windows 10:

Well! this is my report on the new Microsoft Windows 10, the best part on this program is that it’s easier to work will then Microsoft Windows 8. I been working with it for a while and i do like it, I never had a problem with it yet! I do have a PC turner. The PC turner is Glary Utilities, if you want to download it you can go to and download it for free. This is a grate program for keeping your Microsoft Windows system cleaned. If you would like more information on Microsoft Windows 10 go to

Windows 10 Screen Shot

Windows 10 Screen Shot


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Dec 142015

doesn’t work, as you know i test program and report the resolves. The CDRoller cd repair program don’t work at all, i tested it on some cd-rws and the program didn’t do a thing. The disk was still bad and unreadable, you can find this program at

Windows Update [Error]

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Nov 042015

If your having problems updating windows, “DON’T DOWNLOAD THE FILE FROM MICROSOFT” the file is a virus.

free ssl

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Jul 092015

Ssl Information

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Jul 092015 this will explain everything to you.