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New websites have been added to,, and this will explain everything to you.

If your having problems updating windows, “DON’T DOWNLOAD THE FILE FROM MICROSOFT” the file is a virus.

doesn’t work, as you know i test program and report the resolves. The CDRoller cd repair program don’t work at all, i tested it on some cd-rws and the program didn’t do a thing. The disk was still bad and unreadable, you can find this program at

Windows 10:

Well! this is my report on the new Microsoft Windows 10, the best part on this program is that it’s easier to work will then Microsoft Windows 8. I been working with it for a while and i do like it, I never had a problem with it yet! I do have a PC turner. The PC turner is Glary Utilities, if you want to download it you can go to and download it for free. This is a grate program for keeping your Microsoft Windows system cleaned. If you would like more information on Microsoft Windows 10 go to

Windows 10 Screen Shot

Windows 10 Screen Shot

Venders suck! when you want to tell them about a error in there program you can’t e-mail them!!

Create you own little notebook and pads, this is a easy to understand kit; with the Kit includes, cardboard inserts, Instructional DVD, note pad, pub_50_CD.iso image (Microsoft Publisher 98) and temps located on DVD. Click Here for more information.

Sorry! i have not been posting i been working vary hard this year, i updated my website. I also updated the server, we are now running server 2010.

Just moved into a new house, will up date the posts soon.


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All E-Mail Address are tested, e-Mails like will be deleted! i will be sending e-Mails to the address, these e-mails will be blocked.

Windows 8, like or dislike! Well this blogger dislikes Windows 8, because the program has a key that expires one year after the date of installed. So i formatted the Windows 8 and installed Windows 7, this one the key doesn’t expired after a year. If you buy a new computer don’t get it installed with Windows 8, get Windows 7.

Problems with windows updates program, people are having problems updating windows vista and 7. I would like to make sure that i’m not the only one that can’t update windows. So! we can help you better.

The lost password link on the login screen is now fixed. If your where unable to reset your password you now can and login to your account.

I would like to inform you that Rogers Software Website is now up to date, thank you for being passion with us. Sorry it took so long, been working on it for a long time. I hope you enjoy the website and gives you the information you need on fixing your computer. Also would like you to view the bookstore at , book orders are on

Browsers Update Error

I would like to tell you about a error you mite have with the corporations like Microsoft, others. This is for people with order computer systems, for you to add programs to your computer. The programs that you need to run on your system will not work, you always have to update your system. If you have a system like this, we need to put the corporations out of business.